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Guided Meditation – The Hill


Guided Visualisation - The Hill Let yourself be guided on a simple walk. Breathe and relax deeply. You could be on Glastonbury Tor !! A Peaceful 5 Minutes - Free Introductory Set We would like to provide you with free access to an introductory set of six videos and a bonus audio. This taster set will include: Introduction The Breath Sleep [...]

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Relaxation Breathing Techniques


Relaxation Breathing Techniques Why is the breath our best friend ? Because it’s the one constant which we can rely upon. If we lost everything in our lives right now - family, friends, pets, job, home, car, money, phone - but we are still breathing, then we are alive !! Everything else is a bonus! The breath is our life-force. We can survive without food for a few weeks, without water for [...]

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