Relaxation Breathing Techniques

Why is the breath our best friend ?

Because it’s the one constant which we can rely upon.

If we lost everything in our lives right now – family, friends, pets, job, home, car, money, phone – but we are still breathing, then we are alive !! Everything else is a bonus!

The breath is our life-force. We can survive without food for a few weeks, without water for a few days but for only a few minutes without air.

How often do we give our breath a thought? Our body breathes for us all day and all night, every day and every night.

The breath helps us to become aware of the present moment – to become mindful.
The present is a gift!

We all know that when we are stressed, nervous, worried or angry, our shoulders come up by our ears, the forehead and scalp become tight, teeth may be clenched……and this causes tension in the body.

We breathe shallowly, at the top of the chest.

The advice is always: “Take a deep breath!”

We take a calming breath and instantly begin to feel better.

However, when it comes to relaxation breathing techniques, the exhale is the most important part: exhaling deeply stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system – when we sigh out, we release tension in the shoulders, face and belly and begin to relax physically, mentally and emotionally.

The breath has been used for centuries as a focus for attention by people of all religions, or none.

If we calm the breath, we calm the body.

If we calm the breath, we calm the mind.

If we calm the breath, we calm the emotions.

We can just BE.

One of the simplest relaxation breathing techniques involves just counting the breath:

Breathe in 1
Breathe out 2
Breathe in peace,
Breathe out tension.

You may like to add a pause :

Breathe in 1
Breathe out 2

What is mindfulness

This obviously makes the process longer, giving the mind something to focus on and giving the body time to adjust.


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