Whole School Approach – Digital Relaxation Programme

The link between stress and both mental and physical ill-health is indisputable
– we all want better mental, emotional and physical health.

These are some examples of issues schools face in today’s world:

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Introducing – ‘A Peaceful 5 Minutes’

‘A Peaceful 5 Minutes’ is a digital relaxation programme which provides a pathway for parents and schools to easily promote, protect and improve mental health and wellbeing for both students and staff.

It consists of a series of videos and audios, suitable for Parents, Teachers, and Primary and High School Students (Yr 6 up to KS4).  They are grouped into themes, designed to fit each half-term, but each module can also be used individually at any time during the year.  Topics include:

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork

  • Yoga

  • T’ai Chi

  • Guided Visualisation (audio)

(Children particularly love the guided visualisations!)

Benefits of meditation

By following these digitally delivered modules, parents, students and teachers will:


  • calm
  • peaceful
  • grateful


  • breathwork
  • gentle movement
  • a sense of the spiritual


  • our thoughts create our reality
  • positive self-talk is essential
  • everyone has a purpose
  • everything is energy

The digital programme is available as an annual licence, priced according to the size of the school / audience. To find out more, please click the button below and complete the simple form. We will then be in touch.

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