My Most Minimal Mind Manual – 28 Suggestions For A Peaceful And Happy Life

Our thoughts create our reality : what we think, we become. So…

Keep Your Vibrations High
High Vibriations + Strong Immune System

  • Never, ever, ever … watch, read or listen to the news (someone will always tell you!)

  • Speak positively to yourself and others

  • Try to be non-judgemental

  • Breathe

  • Be Mindful of thoughts

  • Stretch

  • Move

  • Be outside in Nature – turn off the tech !!!

  • No tech in the bedroom, including TV

  • Create a Sacred Space

  • Sun bathe

  • Moon bathe

  • Smile

  • Sing

  • Sleep

  • Swim

  • Dance

  • Be kind to every living thing

  • Be grateful

  • Love yourself

  • Love everyone

  • Eat healthy food

  • Drink pure water

  • Wear a colour which makes you feel good

  • Light some incense

  • Inhale essential oils

  • Take a Bach Flower Remedy

  • Hold a crystal

Just For Today, Do Not Worry
Just For Today, Do Not Get Angry

This Too Will Pass – All Is Well

Every journey starts with the first step

All attachment causes suffering

We are all Divine

We are all connected

We all have a purpose in life


Minimal Mind Manual - Breathe

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