Natural Remedies – Nature is a Wonderful Provider

Natural remedies are an important part of my life. I see nature as a wonderful provider.

My first port of call is always essential oils. Lavender, in particular, is a mainstay – for everything from burns, cuts, bites and  mouth ulcers to deodorising under my arms!

Lavender soothes and relaxes us and helps us to sleep.

lavender bath oils

Next, I turn to flower remedies, as discovered by Dr Edward Bach. Having studied an introductory course, I know enough to find what I need at any given time – and I check by dowsing.

Rescue Remedy, immediately recognisable by its yellow label, is used in times of stressful situations:

  • accident
  • illness
  • shock
  • bereavement
  • exams, etc.

Rescue Remedy is safe for babies, children and pets. A couple of drops are placed directly under the tongue, or added to a water bottle and sipped throughout the day.

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