Bach Flower Remedies

When we feel happy and positive, we tend to enjoy better health. Research has shown that emotional and physical health are linked:

“A healthy mind ensures a healthy body.”

However, life events can send us out of balance.

Bach Flower Remedies can help.

These are “vibrational remedies”- made by floating flowers in a bowl of spring water, in full sunlight.

They work at a soul level, rather than a physical one and treat the person, not a disease or symptoms of a disease. They work specifically on the emotions.

Dr Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) was a Harley Street physician, yet he moved from orthodox medicine into a natural form of medicine, to treat emotional and spiritual health.

He had a simple but profound philosophy. He believed that disease is “entirely the result of a conflict between our spiritual and mortal selves.” Health and happiness result from being in harmony with our own nature, and doing the work for which we are individually suited.

Dr Bach devised 7 general emotional groups, under which he categorised 38 individual flower remedies.

They are made from single wild flowers or tree blossoms. Rock Water is made from the water of a natural spring with healing properties.
Each remedy relates to a specific emotional state.

We may feel:

  • Fearful

  • Uncertain

  • Lonely

  • Oversentive to others

  • Over-concerned for others

  • Despondent or despairing

  • Lacking interest in the world around

For example, Fear : We may be frightened of spiders, death or flying. MIMULUS may help.

On the other hand, if we wake up with a nervous feeling in our stomach, but we don’t know why, then the remedy would be ASPEN.

HEATHER personality types hate being alone and are excessively talkative.

Those who are domineering may take VINE.

Do you have poor self-image? Are you ashamed or embarrassed about your body? Try CRAB APPLE.

Always put on a brave face, saying “I’m fine”, but hiding problems? That’s AGRIMONY.

GORSE helps when feeling despairing and pessimistic.

Those who feel full of guilt and blame themselves for other people’s mistakes could take PINE.

Do you feel helpless, frozen in fear, after experiencing terror? The remedy would be ROCK ROSE.

Those feeling apathetic may take WILD ROSE, whereas individuals feeling self-pity could try WILLOW.

Each of the remedy states which Dr Bach described has a positive and a negative aspect – he saw the negative conditions as the true cause of illness and disease.

The flowers embody the positive state: their natural vibrations help us to be happy and to return to health.

Dr Bach identified the stages in the healing of disease –

  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Faith
  • Certainty
  • Wisdom
  • Love

You can take the Bach Flower Remedies as often as you like. If you are in a mood, or a bit of a crisis, you may need only one dose.

If you have been feeling the same way for some time, you can take them for as long as you feel the need.

The combination of 5 specific essences is called “Rescue Remedy” or “Five Flower Remedy” – it’s taken when facing difficult situations, e.g shock, an exam, illness, accident, bereavement, etc.

To take the remedy, simply dilute 4 drops in water and sip frequently.

If necessary, the remedies can be dropped neat onto the tongue. Alternatively, they can be rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears or on the temples and wrists.

Rescue Remedy brings calm and peace to the emotions and is safe for children, babies, animals and plants.

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