Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Remedies When we feel happy and positive, we tend to enjoy better health. Research has shown that emotional and physical health are linked: “A healthy mind ensures a healthy body.” However, life events can send us out of balance. Bach Flower Remedies can help. These are “vibrational remedies”- made by floating flowers in a bowl of spring water, in full sunlight. They work at a soul level, rather than [...]

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My Most Minimal Mind Manual – 28 Suggestions For A Peaceful And Happy Life


My Most Minimal Mind Manual - 28 Suggestions For A Peaceful And Happy Life Our thoughts create our reality : what we think, we become. So... Keep Your Vibrations High High Vibriations + Strong Immune System Never, ever, ever … watch, read or listen to the news (someone will always tell you!) Speak positively to yourself and others Try to be non-judgemental Breathe Be Mindful of [...]

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How Does Aromatherapy Work?


How Does Aromatherapy Work? Aromatherapy is the safe use of essential oils for therapeutic benefits, enhancing well-being, restoring balance and revitalising the mind, body and spirit. Since ancient times, plants have been used to heal, fight infection, aid digestion and promote a feeling of well-being. From prehistoric times, through the ancient Egyptians and the Arab world, knowledge of the healing properties of plants came to the West via the Crusaders. Imagine the following [...]

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Relaxation Breathing Techniques


Relaxation Breathing Techniques Why is the breath our best friend ? Because it’s the one constant which we can rely upon. If we lost everything in our lives right now - family, friends, pets, job, home, car, money, phone - but we are still breathing, then we are alive !! Everything else is a bonus! The breath is our life-force. We can survive without food for a few weeks, without water for [...]

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