Guided Meditation – The Hill


Guided Visualisation - The Hill Let yourself be guided on a simple walk. Breathe and relax deeply. You could be on Glastonbury Tor !! A Peaceful 5 Minutes - Free Introductory Set We would like to provide you with free access to an introductory set of six videos and a bonus audio. This taster set will include: Introduction The Breath Sleep [...]

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What Is Meditation?


What Is Meditation? Meditation is a way of transforming the mind. It is a state of deep peace, when the mind is still. It is effortless awareness. Often the breath is the focus of attention. We become aware of the continuous stream of thoughts in our mind as simply thoughts - we don’t engage with them. Meditation helps us to wake up to being in the here-and-now, letting go of past memories and [...]

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