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How To Introduce Mindfulness To Children

How To Introduce Mindfulness To Children Mindfulness is a practice that has been shown to have many benefits for adults, including reducing stress and improving focus. But what about children? Whether it's for Sats, GCSE exams, or just general day to day pressures, can mindfulness help them as well? The answer is yes! In this article, we will discuss how to introduce children to mindfulness and some of the benefits they can expect [...]

How To Introduce Mindfulness To Children2022-05-13T12:10:09+01:00

Guided Meditation For Beginners: find a technique that works for you

Guided Meditation For Beginners: find a technique that works for you Imagine you've had a long and stressful day. You're feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and you just don't know how to relax. Or, maybe your mind is constantly racing and you have a hard time relaxing or sitting still for more than a few minutes without your thoughts taking over. In these situations, guided meditations can definitely help. Taking a few minutes simply [...]

Guided Meditation For Beginners: find a technique that works for you2022-04-19T15:16:41+01:00

What Is Meditation?

What Is Meditation? Meditation is a way of transforming the mind. It is a state of deep peace, when the mind is still. It is effortless awareness. Often the breath is the focus of attention. We become aware of the continuous stream of thoughts in our mind as simply thoughts - we don’t engage with them. Meditation helps us to wake up to being in the here-and-now, letting go of past memories and [...]

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What Is Mindfulness?

What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness has its origins in Buddhism, a belief system which goes back over 2,000 years. The Buddha taught that all attachment causes suffering - we are bound to suffer disappointments if we try to hold onto people, places or things. We try to accept our thoughts and emotions in a gentle way, moving from the past and the future and being in the NOW. Meditation focuses inwardly on the body-mind [...]

What Is Mindfulness?2021-08-24T06:23:25+01:00

Relaxation Breathing Techniques

Relaxation Breathing Techniques Why is the breath our best friend ? Because it’s the one constant which we can rely upon. If we lost everything in our lives right now - family, friends, pets, job, home, car, money, phone - but we are still breathing, then we are alive !! Everything else is a bonus! The breath is our life-force. We can survive without food for a few weeks, without water for [...]

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My Most Minimal Mind Manual – 28 Suggestions For A Peaceful And Happy Life

My Most Minimal Mind Manual - 28 Suggestions For A Peaceful And Happy Life Our thoughts create our reality : what we think, we become. So... Keep Your Vibrations High High Vibriations + Strong Immune System Never, ever, ever … watch, read or listen to the news (someone will always tell you!) Speak positively to yourself and others Try to be non-judgemental Breathe Be Mindful of [...]

My Most Minimal Mind Manual – 28 Suggestions For A Peaceful And Happy Life2020-06-20T10:05:21+01:00

Guided Meditation – The Throne

Guided Visualisation - The Throne Descend into a brightly-lit healing chamber, full of crystals. Remember that we are all connected. Send out positive, peaceful thoughts... A Peaceful 5 Minutes - Free Introductory Set We would like to provide you with free access to an introductory set of six videos and a bonus audio. This taster set will include: Introduction The Breath [...]

Guided Meditation – The Throne2020-06-20T10:06:08+01:00

How Does Aromatherapy Work?

How Does Aromatherapy Work? Aromatherapy is the safe use of essential oils for therapeutic benefits, enhancing well-being, restoring balance and revitalising the mind, body and spirit. Since ancient times, plants have been used to heal, fight infection, aid digestion and promote a feeling of well-being. From prehistoric times, through the ancient Egyptians and the Arab world, knowledge of the healing properties of plants came to the West via the Crusaders. Imagine the following [...]

How Does Aromatherapy Work?2020-04-27T17:17:16+01:00
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