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How Does Aromatherapy Work?

How Does Aromatherapy Work? Aromatherapy is the safe use of essential oils for therapeutic benefits, enhancing well-being, restoring balance and revitalising the mind, body and spirit. Since ancient times, plants have been used to heal, fight infection, aid digestion and promote a feeling of well-being. From prehistoric times, through the ancient Egyptians and the Arab world, knowledge of the healing properties of plants came to the West via the Crusaders. Imagine the following [...]

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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies When we feel happy and positive, we tend to enjoy better health. Research has shown that emotional and physical health are linked: “A healthy mind ensures a healthy body.” However, life events can send us out of balance. Bach Flower Remedies can help. These are “vibrational remedies”- made by floating flowers in a bowl of spring water, in full sunlight. They work at a soul level, rather than [...]

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What Is Energy?

What is Energy? Can we see it ? Feel it ? Sense it ? You are divine. You have a purpose. Your thoughts create your reality. We are all connected. Water is the interface between God and Humanity Everything is energy. Energy is vibration. Thought is vibration. Thought affects the Universe. Positive thoughts create positive effects. Negative thoughts create negative effects. We are what we eat. We are what we drink. [...]

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What Is Reiki?

What Is Reiki? Ki is energy Rei means from God / The Universe Reiki ( pronounced ray-key ) is the ancient Japanese art of hands-on healing. Some believe that we all have the power to heal, but this form of energy healing was rediscovered in the late 19th Century by Dr Mikao Usui. He was a monk who set out on a journey to discover how Jesus and Buddha had the [...]

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